MidCOM Temporary Database Object

Controlled by the temporary object service, you should never create instances of this type directly.

see \global\midcom_services_tmp
package midcom


_on_creating ()

Update the object timestamp.

_on_deleted ()

Autopurge after delete

_on_updating ()

Update the object timestamp.

get_class_magic_default_privileges ()

These objects have no restrictions whatsoever directly assigned to them.

This allows you to assign further privileges to the temporary object during data entry for example (and then copy these privileges to the live object).

move_extensions_to_object (\midcom_dba_object $object)

Transfers all parameters attachments and privileges on the current object to another existing Midgard object.

You need to have midgard:update, midgard:parameter, midgard:privileges and midgard:attachments privileges on the target object, which must be a persistent MidCOM DBA class instance. (For ease of use, it is recommended to have midgard:owner rights for the target object, which includes the above privileges).

Important notes:

All records in question will just be moved, not copied! Also, there will be no integrity checking in terms of already existing parameters etc. This feature is mainly geared towards preparing a freshly created final object with the data associated with this temporary object.

Any invalid object / missing privilege will trigger a midcom_error.



\midcom_dba_objectThe object to transfer the extensions to.



mixed $__mgdschema_class_name__


mixed $__midcom_class_name__


mixed $_use_activitystream


mixed $_use_rcs