Datamanager 2 Form Manager data filter base class.

This class allows you to create form data filter subclasses, see the schema documentation in the Midgard Wiki for details.

package midcom.helper.datamanager2


__construct (\midcom_helper_datamanager2_formmanager $formmanager, mixed $config)

Standard constructor, as defined by the schema specification.

Pre initializes all members.



\midcom_helper_datamanager2_formmanager&$formmanager The formmanager we are bound to.


mixedThe configuration we are operating on.

execute (mixed $input)

Actual callback.

Be aware, that QF might call this more then once for a single schema field, since it calls it recursively and form-element-wise.



mixedThe form values which should be filtered.


mixedThe filtered values.

set_fieldname (string $name)

Simple setter, populates the $_fieldname member.



stringThe new field name



mixed $_lastfield


mixed $_config

Configuration as passed from the callback.

string $_fieldname

The name of the schema field we are currently processing.

\midcom_helper_datamanager2_formmanager $_formmanager

A reference to the Formmanager instance.