Datamanager 2 ajax Form Manager class.

This class uses special operations to allow for ajax forms.

The form rendering is done using the widgets and is based on HTML_QuickForm.

package midcom.helper.datamanager2


_load_widget (string $name, $initialize_dependencies)

This function will create all widget objects for the current schema.

It will load class files where necessary (using require_once), and then create a set of instances based on the schema.

access protected



stringThe name of the field for which we should load the widget.



booleanIndicating success

display_form ($form_identifier)

This call will render the form in AJAX-readable fashion



display_view ($form_identifier, $new_form_identifier)

This call will render the contents in AJAX-readable fashion




process_form ($ajax_mode)





mixed $_exitcode

Latest exit code