Datamanager 2 Data storage implementation: Pure Midgard object.

This class is aimed to encapsulate storage to regular Midgard objects.

package midcom.helper.datamanager2


__construct (\midcom_helper_datamanager2_schema $schema, \MidCOMDBAObject $object)

Start up the storage manager and bind it to a given MidgardObject.

The passed object must be a MidCOM DBA object, otherwise the system bails with midcom_error. In this case, no automatic conversion is done, as this would destroy the reference.



\midcom_helper_datamanager2_schemaThe data schema to use for processing.


\MidCOMDBAObjectA reference to the DBA object to user for Data I/O.

_on_load_data ($name)



_on_store_data ($name, $data)




_on_update_object ()