Image type specialized for org.routamc.photostream

package midcom.helper.datamanager2


_prepare_recreate ($force)

Preparation operations for recreate_xxx()



_preprocess_raw ()

If the original is a RAW file makes a PNG of it (or replaces with placeholder)

We do not wish to rewrite _auto_convert_to_web_type() logic just because we must be able to handle also RAW files, so here we try to render a PNG and should we fail we use a placeholder image (which user can then replace with a web-compatible one).


booleanindicating whether we could render the RAW to web type properly or not

apply_filter_all (string $filter)

Applies a given filter to all (except original) images in the type



stringthe midcom_helper_imagefilter filter chain to apply


booleanindicating success/failure

convert_to_html ()

recreate ()

Recreate all images

recreate_main_image ()

recreates main image if archival is available

save_archival_image ()

set_image (string $filename, string $tmpname, string $title, boolean $autodelete)

Adds the image to the type.

Loads and processes the $tmpname file on disk.



stringThe name of the image attachment to be created.


stringThe file to load.


stringThe title of the image.


booleanIf this is true (the default), the temporary file will be deleted after postprocessing and attachment-creation.


booleanIndicating success.



boolean $do_not_save_archival

Set to true if for some reason you do not wish to store the archival version