Datamanager 2 Simple php datatype.

The php value encapsulated by this type is passed as-is to the storage layers, no specialties done, just a string.

package midcom.helper.datamanager2


_on_initialize ()

_on_validate ()

The validation callback ensures that we don't have an array or an object as a value, which would be wrong.

It also checks for syntax errors


booleanIndicating validity.

convert_from_csv ($source)



convert_from_storage ($source)



convert_to_csv ()

convert_to_html ()

convert_to_storage ()



mixed $code_valid


mixed $code_valid_errors


mixed $enabled

Whether to enable the widget for preview

array $modes

Modes used in editor

string $value

The current string encapsulated by this type.

mixed $version

Widget version