DBA-Style flat file database caching backend.

Uses DBA database locking for synchronization.

Configuration options:

  • string handler Defines the DBA handler to use. If omitted, autodetection is attempted.
package midcom.services


_close ()

_exists ($key)



_get ($key)



_on_initialize ()

This handler completes the configuration.

_open (boolean $write)

Internal helper, which opens a handle to the DBA file in either read-only or read/write mode.

The handle has to be closed by the _close() function.

The handle is stored in $_handle



booleanSet to true to enable read/write access with the corresponding exclusive lock. Otherwise shared read-only mode is used.

_put ($key, $data)




_remove ($key)



_remove_all ()



string $_filename

The full database filename.

resource $_handle

The current handle, controlled by _open() and _close().

string $_handler

The handler to use