Class for handling email encode/decode and sending

Gracefully degrades in functionality if certain PEAR libraries are not available.

package org.openpsa.mail


get_error_message ()

Get errormessage from mail class

Handles also the PEAR errors from libraries used.

mime_decode ($message)

Decodes MIME content from $this->body



_charset_convert (string $data, string $given_encoding)

Converts given string to $this->encoding



stringto be converted


stringencoding from header or such, used as default in case mb_detect_endoding is not available


stringconverted string (or original string in case we cannot convert for some reason)

_check_boundary ()

Check if we have mime boundary, in that case we need to make sure it does not exhibit certain corner cases which choke mail_mimedecode

_part_decode ($part)

Decodes a Mail_mime part (recursive)





boolean $__htmlBodyFound

Used in _part_decode

\Mail_mimeDecode $__mime

Mail_mimeDecode holder

string $__orig_encoding

Original encoding of the message

boolean $__textBodyFound

Used in _part_decode

string $_message

An email to decode