Base class for components.

Provides some common functionality that should be available in all parts of the component's environment. Available services are

midcom_services_i18n $_i18n A handle to the i18n service. midcom_services_i18n_l10n $_l10n The components' L10n string database. midcom_services_i18n_l10n $_l10n_midcom The global MidCOM string database. midcom_helper_configuration $_config The current configuration.

package midcom.baseclasses


__construct ()

__get ($field)



__isset ($field)



add_stylesheet (string $url, string $media)

Convenience shortcut for adding CSS files



stringThe stylesheet URL


stringThe media type(s) for the stylesheet, if any

set_active_leaf ($leaf_id)





string $_component

The name of the component, e.g.

net.nehmer.static. Should be used whenever the component's name is required instead of hardcoding it.


array $_services

Array that holds the already instantiated services