MidCOM wrapped class for access to stored queries

package net.nemein.tag


__construct ($id)



_on_created ()

_on_creating ()

_on_updated ()

_on_updating ()

get_class_magic_default_privileges ()

By default all authenticated users should be able to do whatever they wish with tag objects, later we can add restrictions on object level as necessary.

get_label ()

get_parent_guid_uncached ()

_check_duplicates ()

_geotag ()

Handle storing Flickr-style geo tags to org.routamc.positioning storage should be to org_routamc_positioning_location_dba object with relation ORG_ROUTAMC_POSITIONING_RELATION_IN



_sanity_check ()



mixed $__mgdschema_class_name__


mixed $__midcom_class_name__