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resolve_object_link(\midcom_db_topic  $topic, \midcom_core_dbaobject  $object) : string|null

This interface function is used to check whether a component can handle a given object.

A topic is provided can limit the "scope" of the search accordingly. It can be safely assumed that the topic given is a valid topic in the MidCOM content tree (it is checked through NAP).

If the GUID could be successfully resolved, a URL local to the given topic without a leading slash must be returned (f.x. 'article/'), empty strings ('') are allowed indicating root page access. If the GUID is invalid, null will be returned.

The information you return with this call (if no-null) will be considered cacheable by the content caching engine. Therefore you have to ensure that either the resolution is stable or that you configure the content cache accordingly if you have a match. The hard way is setting the no_cache flag in cases where you need full flexibility, but this should be avoided for the sake of performance if somehow possible. The more sophisticated alternative is therefore to selectively invalidate all GUIDs that have their Permalink lookup affected.


\midcom_db_topic $topic

The topic to probe

\midcom_core_dbaobject $object

The object to resolve


string|null —

A string (even an empty one) is considered success, null a failure