n.n.blog create page handler

package net.nehmer.blog


_handler_create (mixed $handler_id, array $args, array $data)

Displays an article create view.

If create privileges apply, we relocate to the created article



mixedThe ID of the handler.


arrayThe argument list.


array&$data The local request data.

_on_initialize ()

Maps the content topic from the request data to local member variables.

_show_create (mixed $handler_id, array $data)

Shows the loaded article.



mixedThe ID of the handler.


array&$data The local request data.

dm2_create_callback ($controller)

DM2 creation callback, binds to the current content topic.



get_schema_name ()

load_schemadb ()

Loads and prepares the schema database.

Special treatment is done for the name field, which is set readonly for non-creates if the simple_name_handling config option is set. (using an auto-generated urlname based on the title, if it is missing.)

The operations are done on all available schemas within the DB.

_prepare_request_data ()

Simple helper which references all important members to the request data listing for usage within the style listing.



\midcom_db_article $_article

The article which has been created

\midcom_db_topic $_content_topic

The content topic to use

string $_schema

The schema to use for the new article.

Array $_schemadb

The schema database in use, available only while a datamanager is loaded.