Direct marketing page handler

package org.openpsa.directmarketing


_handler_create ($handler_id, array $args, array $data)

Displays an campaign edit view.

Note, that the campaign for non-index mode operation is automatically determined in the can_handle phase.

If create privileges apply, we relocate to the index creation campaign,





_show_create ($handler_id, array $data)

Shows the loaded campaign.




dm2_create_callback ($controller)

DM2 creation callback, binds to the current content topic.



get_schema_name ()

load_schemadb ()

Loads and prepares the schema database.



\org_openpsa_directmarketing_campaign $_campaign

The campaign which has been created

string $_schema

The schema to use for the new campaign.

array $_schemadb

The schema database in use, available only while a datamanager is loaded.