Deliverable display class

package org.openpsa.sales


_handler_add (mixed $handler_id, array $args, array $data)

Looks up a deliverable to display.



mixedThe ID of the handler.


arrayThe argument list.


array&$data The local request data.

_show_add (String $handler_id, array $data)

Show the create screen



StringName of the request handler


array&$data Public request data, passed by reference

dm2_create_callback ($controller)

DM2 creation callback, binds to the current content topic.



get_schema_defaults ()

get_schema_name ()

load_schemadb ()

_prepare_datamanager ()

loads the controller instance



\midcom_helper_datamanager2_controller $_controller

The DM2 controller to use

\org_openpsa_sales_salesproject_deliverable_dba $_deliverable

The deliverable to display

\org_openpsa_products_product_dba $_product

The product to deliver

\org_openpsa_sales_salesproject_dba $_salesproject

The salesproject the deliverable is connected to