Form-based authentication frontend.

This one is rather simple, it just renders a two-field (username/password) form which is targeted at the current URL.



read_authentication_data ()

This call checks whether the two form fields we have created are present, if yes it reads and returns their values.


ArrayA simple associative array with the two indexes 'username' and 'password' holding the information read by the driver or null if no information could be read.

show_authentication_form ()

This call renders a simple form without any formatting (that is to be done by the callee) that asks the user for his username and password.

The default should be quite useable through its CSS.

If you want to replace the form by some custom style, you can define the style- or page-element midcom_services_auth_frontend_form. If this element is present, it will be shown instead of the default style included in this function. In that case you should look into the source of it to see exactly what is required.