n.n.static Autoindex page handler

package net.nehmer.static


_handler_autoindex (mixed $handler_id, array $args, array $data)

Shows the autoindex list.

Nothing to do in the handle phase except setting last modified dates.



mixedThe ID of the handler.


arrayThe argument list.


array&$data The local request data.

_on_initialize ()

Maps the content topic from the request data to local member variables.

_show_autoindex (mixed $handler_id, array $data)

Displays the autoindex of the n.n.static.

This is a list of all articles and attachments on the current topic.



mixedThe ID of the handler.


array&$data The local request data.

_get_attachment_data ($filename, array $data)




_load_autoindex_data ()

This helper function goes over the topic and loads all available objects for displaying in the autoindex.

It will populate the request data key 'create_urls' as well. See the view handler for further details.

The computed array has the following keys:

  • string name: The name of the object.
  • string url: The full URL to the object.
  • string size: The formatted size of the document. This is only populated for attachments.
  • string desc: The object title/description.
  • string type: The MIME Type of the object.
  • string lastmod: The localized last modified date.


ArrayAutoindex objects as outlined above

_process_datamanager ($datamanager, $article, $view)

Converts the main document to a view entry.







array $_index_entries

The list of index entries

\midcom_db_topic $_content_topic

The content topic to use