n.n.static NAP interface class

See the individual member documentations about special NAP options in use.

package net.nehmer.static


_on_set_object ()

This event handler will determine the content topic, which might differ due to a set content symlink.

get_leaves ()

Returns all leaves for the current content topic.

It will hide the index leaf from the NAP information unless we are in Autoindex mode. The leaves' titles are used as a description within NAP, and the toolbar will contain edit and delete links.

_determine_content_topic ()

Set the content topic to use.

This will check against the configuration setting 'symlink_topic'. We don't do sanity checking here for performance reasons, it is done when accessing the topic, that should be enough.



\midcom_db_topic $_content_topic

The topic in which to look for articles.

This defaults to the current content topic unless overridden by the symlink topic feature.