Lost Password handler class

package org.openpsa.user


_handler_lostpassword (mixed $handler_id, array $args, array $data)



mixedThe ID of the handler.


arrayThe argument list.


array&$data The local request data.

_show_lostpassword (mixed $handler_id, array $data)

Shows either the username change dialog or a success message.



mixedThe ID of the handler.


array&$data The local request data.

get_schema_name ()

load_schemadb ()

_prepare_request_data ()

This function prepares the requestdata with all computed values.

A special case is the visible_data array, which maps field names to prepared values, which can be used in display directly. The information returned is already HTML escaped.

_reset_password ()

This is an internal helper function, resetting the password to a randomly generated one.

_send_reset_mail (\midcom_db_person $person, $password)

This is a simple function which generates and sends a password reset mail.



\midcom_db_personThe newly created person account.




\midcom_helper_datamanager2_controller $_controller

The controller used to display the password reset dialog.

string $_mode

The mode we're using (by username, by email, by username and email or none)

string $_processing_msg

The localized processing message

string $_processing_msg_raw

The raw processing message

boolean $_success

This is true if we did successfully change the password.

It will then display a simple password-changed-successfully response.