Comments component.

This is a component geared for communities offering a way to add comments on arbitrary pages. It is primarily geared for dl'ed usage. Its regular welcome URL method only shows the configuration interface, commenting the comments topic is prohibited as well.

The component stores the data in its own table, indexed by the object guid they are bound to. There is no threading support, comments are ordered by creation date.

Commenting is currently only allowed for registered users for security reasons. The user's name and E-Mail will be stored along with the created information in the Metadata in case that the user gets deleted.

Install instructions

Just create a topic with this component assigned to it. I recommend dropping it out of your navigation, as the component will by dynamically_loaded always, and the topic itself is only there for configuration purposes.

In your component (or style), add a DL line like this wherever you want the comment feature available:


$guid is the GUID of the object you're commenting.

todo Install instruction
todo Approval
package net.nehmer.comments


_on_watched_dba_delete ($object)

The delete handler will drop all entries associated with any deleted object so that our DB is clean.

Uses SUDO to ensure privileges.