MidCOM wrapper for org_openpsa_event with various helper functions refactored from OpenPSA 1.x calendar

todo Figure out a good way to always use UTC for internal time storage
package org.openpsa.calendar


_on_created ()

_on_creating ()

_on_deleting ()

_on_loaded ()

_on_updated ()

_on_updating ()

details_text ($display_title, $member, $nl)

Returns a string describing the event and its participants





format_timeframe ()

Returns a string describing $this->start - $this->end

get_label ()

get_parent_guid_uncached ()

implode_members (array $array)

Returns a comma separated list of persons from array



search_vCal_uid ($uid)

Find event with arbitrary GUID either in externalGuid or guid



_check_timerange ()

_get_em ()

Fills $this->participants and $this->resources

_get_participants ()

_get_resources ()

_prepare_save ()

Preparations related to all save operations (=create/update)

_suspect_defaults ()

Returns a defaults template for relatedto objects



_suspects_classes_present ()

Check if we have necessary classes available to do relatedto suspects





mixed $__mgdschema_class_name__


mixed $__midcom_class_name__


string $externalGuid

vCalendar (or similar external source) GUID for this event

(for vCalendar imports)


mixed $ignorebusy_em


boolean $notify_force_add

Used to work around DM creation features to get correct notification type out

mixed $old_externalGuid


array $participants

list of participants

(stored as eventmembers, referenced here for easier access)


array $resources

like $participants but for resources.

mixed $rob_tentantive


mixed $search_relatedtos


boolean $send_notify

Send notifications to participants of the event

boolean $send_notify_me

Send notification also to current user