This is a base class which is targeted at MidCOM content object indexing.

It should be used whenever MidCOM documents are indexed, either directly or as a base class.

It will take an arbitrary Midgard Object, for which Metadata must be available. The document class will then load the metadata information out of the database and populate all metadata fields of the document from there.

If you want to index datamanager driven objects, you should instead look at the class midcom_services_indexer_document_datamanager2.

The GUID of the object being referred is used as a RI.

The documents type is "midcom".

see \global\midcom_services_indexer
see \global\midcom_helper_metadata


__construct (mixed $object)

The constructor initializes the content object, loads the metadata object and populates the metadata fields accordingly.

The source member is automatically populated with the GUID of the document, the RI is set to it as well. The URL is set to an on-site permalink.

see \midcom_helper_metadata



mixedThe content object to load, passed to the metadata constructor.

members_to_fields ()

This will translate all member variables into appropriate field records, missing topic data is auto-detected

_process_topic ()

Tries to determine the topic GUID and component, we use NAPs reverse-lookup capabilities.